Having suffered from Fibromyalgia and various other ailments including coeliac disease I came across a programme on Scottish TV called ‘Trusadh’ where Mickel Therapy was being tested.  I immediately felt that this was something that could help me complete my recovery.

Over nearly 20 years I had recovered enough to go from having to rest all day to gradually teaching pilates and now running my own pilates studio but it had been a very slow and painful process. Physically I was nearly back to normal but mentally and emotionally I felt I was still struggling, particularly with stressful situations involving people.

Since starting the therapy I have had no fibromyalgia symptoms whatsoever (despite teaching 40 plus hours a week and facing a few challenging family situations)!

I did the therapy with Angela Wilson in Stockport who was amazing throughout and I can now say that I have found the missing link.  My life can finally begin again at the age of 40 and I know Angela will be a friend for life although we live miles apart!

Suzie Cummins

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