Testament to Mickel Therapy

by Sandra Hillhouse


I have suffered anxiety my entire life. I thought I could keep it under control. I just had to “get my act together”, as it was often suggested. “Get a grip”, “calm down” and “you are overreacting” were phrases often said to me. It was often suggested that I needed to “go and see a doctor”, which I did only after a serious panic attack which saw me hospitalised.

What on earth was the matter with me? I was a normal everyday wife, mother, daughter and friend. I had a part-time job around being a mum and housewife. I didn’t have that much to be stressed about. Not anything other women didn’t cope with, surely! So what was wrong with ME? After all I had life under control. Or so I thought. Turned out I didn’t have one vital thing under control…….how I dealt with my emotions!

My GP, who is lovely, prescribed me anti-depressant tablets to calm things down, helping me cope temporarily and referred me for Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy. Well, I attended, convinced this was the answer. However, I still had the panic attacks, was still on the anti-depressants. Nothing was really changing or moving forward. I tried to accept that this was just “who I was” and I would have to live with this anxiety and panic attacks. It was just” my nature, my make-up”, nothing could be changed. That is until I discovered Mickel therapy.

I had read about it online. However, it was expensive for me to even think about embarking on such a luxury. With a part time salary and children, a mortgage, bills to pay, etc., I felt I couldn’t possibly indulge myself. How could I justify such luxury as a private therapist?

Until I reasoned how invaluable this was going to be – not just for me, but for my husband, children, family and friends. I wanted to get well so badly! So I went for it. It has been money well spent. My restored health has been worth every penny!

During the first session with lovely Mickel Therapist Fiona Watson, I cried my way through the session. All my anxiety and fears came out. With Fiona’s gentle reassurance I realised quickly what MT was about and how logical it was. How all my feelings were and are very real. Crucially, I had ignored my gut instinct at my (mental health) peril.

Fiona is a gentle and kind woman. Exactly what I needed. I felt safe and understood. By session 2, amid more tears, I realised that the penny was dropping very quickly. I finally understood myself, my emotions, my gut instinct and my thought process. I realised I could and would get well! I knew I had a mountain ahead to climb, but I could do it with Fiona’s help and by applying my new principles.

At long last, I finally am me! I no longer take antidepressants and have not suffered any panic attacks since. If it worked for me, I believe it will work for anyone. It is such a shame MT is not available on the NHS. If so, I believe we would see a massive reduction in mental and physical health.  My eternal gratitude to Fiona Watson. A woman God has destined for this line of work! I would recommend MT to the world!


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7 Responses to Testament to Mickel Therapy

  1. Angela says:

    Thanks for this inspiring story. Yet another positive outcome with Mickel Therapy. Well done.

    • Thank you Angela, let us hope that MT gets out there to all! That we all finally understand exactly how our brain is tricking us when we are experiencing such awful symptoms physically. It has been such a blessing to receive this therapy. Sandra

  2. We need a study to show the efficacy of Mickel Therapy to enable the NHS to recognise us. Can’t happen too soon.

  3. At long last someone is talking about anxiety. Hooray Hooray. This is the most difficult part of my recovery from ME/CFS. So strange as I know exactly what is happening to me and why; I understand it and yet for some years we talked about it as if it was a ‘red herring’. Thankfully we have changed our minds and recognise anxiety as real. Yes the mind is tricking us but that does not make the bodily sensations any less annoying. Let’s talk about it; let’s have the discussion. A great article Sandra

    • What an inspiring reply. Perhaps shame has always been the cause of hiding anxiety. Shame and the feeling of being perceived as weak! Those plus the fear of being “not such a nice person” when that is all you want to be. Kind, nice and helpful. Sadly without the MT keys, these very traits can be manipulated. How wonderful to realise that it is alright to also say No!
      Thank you Francis.

  4. Julia McNeill says:

    Anxiety can have such a huge impact on our day to day enjoyment of life, I am so thrilled to hear Mickel Therapy has helped you with it.

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